Waldorf Inspired Program

Monday - Thursday, September - may


The children are immersed in an environment that fosters a deep reverence for life. The toys are made of natural materials and everything they experience is designed to be a healing sensory experience.

Our program is based on purposeful as well as artistic work such as chopping, baking, sweeping, gardening, household chores, painting, finger knitting, sewing and felting.

The daily activities include song, movement, story and plenty of free play both indoors and out.

Our seasonal activities include preparing for and celebrating festivals such as Michaelmas, Advent, Christmas, and Easter.

Lower grades

The lower grades curriculum is dynamic and diversified, offering humanities, mathematics, science and the arts. Mastery of the traditional academic disciplines is interwoven with artistic and practical activities to provide a dynamic and engaging educational experience for every student.

Students in our lower grades have a routine, yet enriching, day. As children greet their teacher for the first handshake, an eight-year journey begins through childhood and into adolescence. The rhythm of the day starts with the work that requires intellectual focus and ends with activities that engage the body and hands, such as woodwork, art, physical education, farming, music and more.

We offer humanities, mathematics, science, music and the arts all interwoven with practical and artistic activities to provide a dynamic and engaging educational experience for every student. Each teacher seeks to foster three areas of child development in their teaching of subject material: social emotional learning, academic capacities and aesthetic sensibility.

Middle grades

Young adolescents develop their individuality by learning how to think critically, express themselves creatively, and work collaboratively.

The Middle Grades program helps students develop a sense of themselves and the world through a dynamic curriculum that weaves together the sciences, mathematics, the humanities, and the arts.

Students learn to express themselves through drawing, painting, sculpture, handwork, and woodwork, and they develop the ability to work together through music, drama, and movement.

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