Friday Enrichment Programs

Nature Immersion by Natureversity

The Nature Skills School is an alternative education and nature-based homeschool program for youth ages 7-14 in the Bee Caves Area. Children spend one full day each week outside playing creative games, role-playing wildlife, telling stories and journeying on quests for wisdom of the wilderness. We believe that what you earn, you learn, so we won’t give answers, but rather guide individuals in a direction while encouraging them to seek out the solution on their own.

What you’ll learn: Nature hazards, Sensory awareness, Hiding & sneaking, Nature arts & crafts, Fort building, Fire making, Creek exploration, Wild plant & tree foods, Natural fibers & rope making, Simple fishing skills, Fire cooking, Traditional archery.

Gardening through Seasons

Gardening Through The Seasons

Our gardening centered nature program will be meeting every Friday during the school year at Raphael Springs school. This Waldorf inspired nature school uses gardening through the seasons as a way to allow the students to develop a deeper appreciation for and awareness of the human being’s relationship to the natural world. By caring for the garden, experiencing the growth of plants, and harvesting what they give us, the students develop a deeper consciousness and appreciation for the earth and learn life long skills.

We will explore activities like growing and caring for plants, herbalism, nature stories, arts, wild-crafting, harvesting and preparing snacks, nature based games and unstructured time to play in nature. The class will follow the same rhythm each week with varying themes and activities as the season and garden change.

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